Lamar Valley is a must see!

With the June 2022 flood almost forgotten Lamar Valley is open to the public from Silver Gate, MT side again. This event had a profound effect on nature and the environment around it. Everything that is connected to this part of the world can feel the pain and the subsequent healing of not just the environment but communities as well.

Silver Gate, less than a mile from the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park and Lamar Valley, has many options for travelers. A general store for gifts or necessities, we have you covered. 

Looking for lodging?

Silver Gate offers multiple lodging options including Pine Edge Cabins, Silver Gate Cabins, Whispering Pines, etc. Find space for 1 person for 1 night or a family of 8 for a week. We have you covered.


Come Stay close to Lamar Valley.

Come stay in one of our Cabins just outside of Lamar Valley Yellowstone and benefit from being close to the wild animals of Yellowstone National Park. Our general store can provide you with food items, drinks, ice, and many gifts to choose from. With quick and easy access to the park, you'll be able to make the most of your visit.

Take a tour of Lamar Valley and beyond

Silver Gate Guides is our sister company founded on the principle to connect people to nature and that is exactly who you should consider to guide you and your family through Lamar Valley,  Slough Creek, and Canyon within Yellowstone National Park.

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Visit Silver Gate General Store

Located in Silver Gate, MT the General Store is a usual meeting place for locals and tourists. With its unique quirky mountain feel the store not only sells metal goats but also a surprising number of food items, drinks, ice, coffee, beer, gifts, and more. Please stop by and say hi. Hang out at the fire outside on cooler nights.