Our Motto: Disconnect. Decompress. Be Awed.


At Silver Gate Lodging you should expect to find nature staring you in the face instead of your phone screen. We are happy to be ‘mostly’ off the grid, and yes, we do realize that for some that are almost impossible. For those guests, we do have satellite internet service that is working most of the time in our common area, but no internet in our cabins. And the download speed is probably much slower than what you're used to getting.

Our story started with our founder Henry Finkbeiner, a nature lover looking for a place to unplug, relax and get away from it all. Henry was introduced to the wonders of national parks by his grandfather who just happened to take him through Silver Gate via the Beartooth pass on their way to Yellowstone National Park. Something about Silver Gate stuck with him.

He remembered the stunning view of the mountains and the close proximity to one of his favorite places in the park, Lamar Valley.  A valley filled with wildlife, where bison, bears, and wolves roam the plains, it's also known as the Serengeti of America.

Later on, in life, that same love for nature and wildlife sparked a wild idea in Henry’s mind. He recognized that many young people would most probably never experience what his grandfather offered him as a child - the wonders of the great outdoors.

He made a decision to find a place where he could introduce young people to not only the great outdoors but to the magic of a place like Yellowstone.

Low and behold a listing showed up for a couple of cabins for sale in Silver Gate. Henry immediately recognized the little town he visited with his grandfather and immediately made plans to visit with a realtor in tow.

First, it was the purchase of a couple of cabins and then before long it quickly turned into multiple cabins, a couple of houses, and even a hotel. We just fell in love with this little town and decided to share this with the world and still keep it innocent and hidden from the crowds.

The Range Riders Lodge served as a perfect spot for hosting these young people and that was the start of annual camps for kids. As time passed, the program morphed into mentoring programs for older teens. Every summer several teens are accepted to spend the school holiday in Silver Gate where they get to work with teams to learn the hotel industry and to manage the cabins.

During days off they get to explore the park and surrounding areas on their own.

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